Station Theatre

Hayling Island

023 9246 6363

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Station Theatre Contact Information

The address of the Theatre is:

Station Theatre,
Station Road,
PO11 0EH

The Theatre Box Office is open Saturday mornings from 10am until noon, and 1 hour before shows and films.
The telephone number is:

023 9246 6363

This number has an answer phone on it at all other times.

Tickets can also be purchased from TicketSource either online (24/7), or via 0333 666 3366 (Mon-Sat.)

For anything other than ticketing information you can also email us here: email
Please note that this email account is not used by the box office staff and so ticket bookings or cancellations sent to this email account will not be processed.


To express any feedback, good or bad, please use our feedback form, or send an email to the appropriate email address as listed on this page.

Visiting Events

if you would like to use the station theatre as the venue for your own event,
then please contact our visiting events organiser: email


If you would like to support the theatre by advertising in our programmes and/or flyers,
then please contact us here: email)


If you are interested in advertising the theatre and its events, or if you would like to contact the theatre regarding publicising your own events then please contact the publicity co-ordinator email

Other Email Addresses

The Station Theatre is run by Hayling Island Amateur Dramatic Society (HIADS). To contact members of the executive commitee, please use the following email address links.

HIADS Chairman (email)
HIADS Vice Chairman (email)
HIADS Company Secretary (email)
HIADS Treasurer (email)
HIADS Membership Secretary (email)
HIYA (Hayling Island Young Actors) Coordinator (email)


If you have any comments or suggestions for this website,
please email.