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Sponsor a seat

Station Theatre Seats

Sponsor A Seat

Our theatre's seating is getting past its prime and we need to replace it.
We have 144 seats, it will cost between £24000 and £30000 to replace these, and the theatre has allocated 50% to this project from its contingency funds.

We have asked for a sum of funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy operated by the council (there is no guarantee that this will be successful), even then this will not meet the lower target of £24000.

So HIADS has determined that we will have to seek sponsorship to fill the £’s gap for the seating.

Therefore, there is a unique opportunity to dedicate a seat at Station Theatre in a row of your choice (subject to availability) with your special or personal message.

 You can “Name a Seat” for a minimum donation of £50.00 that lasts for ten years. Your special or personal message of 65 characters max (including spaces) will be engraved onto a plaque which will be affixed to a seat in a row of your choice, thus making it a very special part of the theatre’s history.

 Businesses we offer you the chance to have a plaque dedicated to your chosen commemoration or as a way of showing your community that your business supports the hard work undertaken at the theatre for a minimum of 10 years for £250, which will be installed on the wall in our Gallery where Members of the public wait to see our shows. The size of the business plaque will be determined by discussion.

 A seat sponsorship form can be obtained from the theatre Box Office and is available online here.

 Thanks for all your help and support.