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Visiting Groups


If you would like to put on a show or event at the Station Theatre, then please contact our visiting events organiser - the email address can be found on the contacts page..

Theatre Facilities

For information on the theatre in general, the please visit the facilities page.

For technical information on the stage, sound and lighting, please see the technical specifications page which has a downloadable pdf.


As a visiting group, any advertising requirements that you have will be discussed and agreed with our visiting events organisers.

Generally posters and hand out flyers will be the responsibility of the visiting group to design, print and distribute, and the Station Theatre will be happy to display posters and provide space for flyers.

Station Theatre Event Advertising

The Station Theatre has the following methods to advertise events:

  • Via this website - which includes a What's On subscribers list
  • Newsletters and emails to all HIADS members
  • Theatre Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Programmes - upcoming events are advertised in each show programme.
  • Large flat screen display in the foyer
  • External wall mounted display cabinet by entrance to box office - displays many A3 Posters
  • Roadside display cabinet showing 2 x A1 posters
  • 5 Island locations for 2m banners (including the theatre boundary fence)

The Station Theatre provides the following facilities to visiting groups - some free and some at a cost.

Website and Foyer Flat Screen Display (Free)

For the What's On page and Foyer display, a visiting company should provide an electronic version of their poster and a short (but exciting/interest tweaking) description of the show, as soon as possibly after the performance agreement has been made. Any advertising requirements as prescribed by the author/distributor should also be included.

The poster should be provided at A4 print quality and in pdf format if possible or in any standard image format (e.g. jpg, tiff, png, etc. - at least 2480 pixels wide, 3508 pixels high). If the artwork is known at the time of booking, but the final layout of the poster has not been finalised then a copy of the artwork would at least allow us to start advertising with a visually stimulating and relevant image.

For those that use Adobe software, the poster can also be supplied in an adobe format (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) which can be useful to help with the 6 monthly flyer - described below.

Large Poster (costed)

We have a display cabinet for A1 posters by the road in front of the theatre.

We can display your A1 poster for free, or, for a small fee, get one printed for you if you provide the poster in an electronic format.

6 Monthly Flyer (Free)

We produce 2 flyers a year - each advertising the next 6 months of advertising. The flyers are generally produced around August and January and so shows can get between a few weeks and up to 6 months worth of advertising depending when they occur.

An example of one of our flyers is included here. These 8 printed page DL sized pamphlets are sized to fit into tourist information leaflet dispensers and provide a limited amount of space for each event.

In order for your event to be included in the flyer, we require the following to ensure that there is continuity between your poster and the flyer:

  • A poster provided as a layered adobe InDesign/Photoshop or Illustrator file - with appropriate fonts included or vectorised/rasterised - will provide all that we need to create an appropriate entry in the flyer by re-laying out the artwork.
  • OR the artwork for the poster in jpg format - and if possible an idea of the font and/or layout to be used for the title text, etc.
  • OR you can provide the completed artwork in electronic format sized to 99mm wide and up to 105mm high, 3mm bleed and 7mm margin.

Banners (costed)

roadside banner example

We use 3 locations on the Island for which we have permission to display out banners. The locations are 1. Station Theatre, 2. Eastoke Railway Station, 3. Ramsbottom Solicitors by the high street.

Our banners are printed on banner material and mounted on moveable plywood boards. Banners are 2m wide by 0.914m tall.

An Adobe InDesign template is provided as a zip file if you right-click here and save to your machine. The text on this template is the standard information we use for our shows although the colours and content varies depending upon the colour of the show artwork. You can of course ignore the text on the template if you so wish and use whatever you think appropriate.

Standard Poster Information

When designing a poster for a Station Theatre Event, we recommend that the following information should be included:

Station Theatre, West Town, Hayling Island for the location.

0333 666 3636 (Mon-Sat) for tickets by phone. for online tickets - we have a few web addresses but this is most memorable.